Green Screen Keying with After Effects by Andrew Kramer

Video Copilot’s Andrew Kramer walks you through an example of how to use Ater Effects keying capability. Video Copilot products are now available at

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  1. Where can I find the Green Screen footage to experiment working with? I could not find them on the Video Copilot site. Not even in the tutorials section.

  2. Thanks so much for this!! I am trying my skills at green screen footage and this will make my film look soooo much better!!!

  3. Can someone help with a generally simple green screen chroma key edit I'm trying to do (with my friend who is editing). She's working on After Effects (AE6) (with the Avid as editor), we have green screen footage with camera movement. The tracking marks on the green screen (green syc wall) were light green. 

    She's trying to track the camera movement by using the track motion, But the track motion doesn't recognize the marks, we think maybe they are not different enough from the green screen wall.

    She tried the option Track a 3D camera, after completing step 1 – processing the entire clip we get a message – Can't analyze video.

    Finally we tried to track the movement on Mocca AE software, And for some reason when we Import the clip It recognizes all the data but the viewer screen where we're supposed to see it, Remains black.

    Any thoughts and help will be greatly appreciated.


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