Making Your Own Mask At Home l DIY Economical Face Mask At Home During Covid-19

Shortages have become a common thing as we live in a climate of panic and fear!  CoVid-19 has changed our lives and what were normal commodities earlier have become expensive needs today for our lives!  After sharing with you on how to make your hand sanitizer, a lot of you sent in messages saying that you wanted to know how to make a mask at home.  Yes, masks are either sold out or extremely expensive, where found, and hence here I am today sharing with you how you can make your own mask in the most economical way!  Use it for your safety when you must step out and remember to keep sanitizing!

If you haven’t already seen do check out my video on how to make your own hand sanitizer at home!

And your own aloe vera soap at home:

A turmeric tea which will help improve your immunity:

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24 Replies to “Making Your Own Mask At Home l DIY Economical Face Mask At Home During Covid-19”

  1. For all the people who are saying this mask is not adequate.. I have made this for precaution.. I am not saying its virus proof.. but yes its definitely better to step out with nose n mouth covered rather than keeping it open.. and there are loads of people who do not have masks as its not available in the market these days..
    And a cloth can be washed and cleaned to keep it germ free.. I hope everyone who makes it stays safe ..lots of love

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  6. Bhagwa mask bnati to yogi takla bht khush ho jata h. Filhal behtreen mask!!😃😷

  7. Ye video pehle dekha achha nahin laga don’t know why.. I felt like everyone is fake .. now I subscribed your channel and watching all your videos.. liking as well.. ganpati celebration was very nice.. ❤️❤️this is really very useful information..

  8. Hi Juhi Ma’am ……If we need to dispose mask after single use add two extra layers and for reusing add three more.Thank You

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