Guacamole – The Delicious Miss Dahl – BBC Two

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Sophie shares one of her grandmother’s recipes – a fresh and tasty guacamole made with lost of coriander and lime.

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19 Replies to “Guacamole – The Delicious Miss Dahl – BBC Two”

  1. Why do they regail us with fake stories. Just cook. Thanks. You are a great chef, by the way. No need for any other nonesne

  2. @NattyBonCom I have to completely agree with you. When this first came out, i was so pleased. It was something pretty, fresh, different and i loved the poetry and romanticism of the show. I was really shocked when there was such a backlash about it. I could watch the episodes again and again and never get bored. I'm also saddened that there is no dvd with the shows either. I've cooked some of the dishes from the show and they're great. I think alot, like you say, are jealous.No other explanation

  3. Stop talking, no one care about your personal life, we just want to see if you can make a decent batch of guac.

  4. so im on this diet, and im starving so i thought i would torture myself to watch what i longed to eat on youtube, looks so good and that girl is so good looking…

  5. @NattyBonCom i so agree. i was so upset when i found out people were saying bad stuff because i completely loved this series and her. i lonng for the day when its brought out on dvd or another series comes around. i love her and her series! bring it back its not fair! i think the people really were jealous. i loved the quotes from books and poetry and seeing her buying/cooking/talking about the food and then eventually eating it. people can be so mean. if they dont liek they shouldnt watch!

  6. i use to do it with mashed avocado, sour cream, garlic and salt and pepper, and then just mix everything 2gether. yummy! ^^

  7. @StrawberryFields1987 It doesn't taste the same though. Nothing beats home made food!

  8. @elelihu
    why would you need a recipe for that? just got to the store and get some…shouldnΒ΄t be too hard…

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