Stuffed Trout – The Delicious Miss Dahl – BBC Two

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Sophie recallls a failed dinner party when she was only 21 and shows how important is it to impress with simple but fresh recipes. This week she shows how to prepare a stuffed trout.

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17 Replies to “Stuffed Trout – The Delicious Miss Dahl – BBC Two”

  1. was looking for your cooking episodes, and I only remembered your look, which was imprinted in my memory when I was watching your episodes when I was young. Finally, after a long search, I found your beautiful episodes and your cute personality that pushed a child who doesn't know about cooking to watch you, but where do I find the episodes dubbed as they were shown on TV?

  2. When I was 23 my boyfriend who was 10 years older than me asked if I'd cook supper in his mums kitchen (she & his dad were away) & said he'd invited some friends to join us. He said he'd got plenty of food in. I was dreading it as I'd never been in the house before. Shock horror when all he'd got was a tiny shoulder of lamb, one cabbage a few potatoes & a melon. It was so small & when the doorbell rang hoards of people were there all ravenous. I was devastated! All I remember is one man saying lovely gravy. That's 48 years ago & I still remember the embarrassment. His ex wife had been an incredible cook I was told.

  3. I've searched for this show literally everywhere and didn't find it online nor for sale anywhere!!! It's really frustrating as I love this show so much and have nice memories watching it back in the days when it was streaming. Please BBC, do something about this.🙏 Thank you.

  4. I wish I'd grown up with a mum that did cooking….It's definitely how I want my kids to learn how to cook, not off the internet :/

  5. That looks like it is going to come out good. haha. I love Miss Dahl shes such a doll.

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