17 Replies to “Guess Which Makes The STRONGEST Nails? ????”

  1. Ooo Suzie…..love your top! You're speaking my language. Can't wait to watch whatever video you upload when you wore this shirt! LOL ????????????????

  2. Found this out the hard way. Not only is it difficult to control, it’s also difficult to tolerate the smell of the monomer ????. Anybody who does acrylic has all of my respect

  3. Oh yes girl i do agree i always wear acrilic .. i used to do nails and yes they are hard as hell .. love your video always interesting.

  4. I asked a nail tech how to save my crumbling chemo nails, and she said NOT to do acrylic, I think this answers why. She said gel would be more like a "cushion" for my situation, and they feel very natural with builder gel. I think the bottled builder gel I've been using kinda wears down more quickly, I sometimes get a jagged edge a few days into my new manicure. Maybe I should try hard builder gel??? I've spent so much looking for solutions, buying different products. I just wanna find THE thing that works.

  5. In my mind, Gel. I do freight and unload trucks. They stay on for a whole month❤

  6. You should try Beatles brand gel extensions on Amazon, I love their products!!!

  7. Do you know a good starter kit to buy for someone in Europe? Would love to get into this but first of all every kit says to not use acrylic at home ever and also it doesn't seem to have the stuff that is in your kit and I haven't ever seen the slow setting monomer. Would love some tips ❤❤ (pun not intended but now def intended ????)

  8. Me after watching a bunch of videos and knowing the answers because of that: Yes I was right!! ????

  9. I got a question. Is there a reason why nothing stays on my nails? I've tried acrylic and it has literally popped off.

  10. Oh yes I agree. I've tried acrylic several time. I always had trouble with clear cap. I would get champagne bubbles in it every time. Sometimes champagne bubbles and discolored. I know it wasn't the product. I wasn't doing something right. So I went to gel and didn't go back. Now I wish I would have stuck with it and kept trying.

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