Gymnastics Core/Upper Body Circuit Workout with Sam Tribble

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19 Replies to “Gymnastics Core/Upper Body Circuit Workout with Sam Tribble”

  1. I found your channel a few days ago and I was like discovering treasure. Thank you, by your method I'm now on the way to muscle-up, and it works well.

  2. if i can finish bunny hop without dislocating my shoulders, it would be huge achievement already…

  3. nice brother i do that before,but your movements difficult a little and very important thank you

  4. The exercise for setting in back handsprings/tucks is going to help me. I struggle with getting my back handspring perfect because i suck at blocking…my arms always want to close.
    Thank you 🙂

  5. Okay, I'm going to look like an idiot maybe if I don't already and I'm going to try it.

  6. Sam, those hops you do at 0:17, what's the form we should be doing those with and where does the power for the legs come from?

  7. Fantastic! Post more ,please.Pushing iron is the history for me,I started bodyweight conditioning training and since then I feel and look much better.


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