Hailey Bieber's Set Tour of Who’s In My Bathroom? | Set Digs | Refinery29

Refinery29 got an exclusive look of the “Who’s in my Bathroom?” set with Hailey Rhode Bieber at OBB Studios in Hollywood, CA. Hailey reveals some set secrets and shows us around OBB Studios.

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14 Replies to “Hailey Bieber's Set Tour of Who’s In My Bathroom? | Set Digs | Refinery29”

  1. I love shes like ya someone said they had better snacks than me . Honestly if I was married to justin bieber n was a successful model yea. Yea I have better snacks than you . Dont even say shit ahahha

  2. I actually kinda hate that she told us this 😭 I liked believing that this was her actual bathroom. Still love the vibes tho!

  3. someone drew the short straw getting Gwen on show, just hope she is there to absorb the kosher tea tax, no that is the dog's water, you he is pimping, out house, and stay away from tampon can, now get in just think of it as a spaceship poop pod, look out buffalo bob has his toilet paper newspaper to turn you into deepthroat

  4. I love you so much sister 💛👸🏻🤍 all your activities is professionally amazing girl 💛💪🏻

  5. M ot trying to be rude or want to make anyone upset .i completely understand it for filmingpurpose ..but i feel i m being fooled so many times ..i honestly thought those were her real house ,i do understand it was recreated but still ,i feel i m dumb ,big time 😟,why do much when you can just do it on your own house and evrything ,u got such huge house ,then why is such a need to go to set and create all these things ?? I prefer Kardashians ,they show thr own house most of times ..😓😡

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