Knowing your hair’s porosity level is one big key to understanding it and discovering the best ways to moisturize. Find out what range your hair falls into and the best way to treat it.

12 Replies to “HAIR POROSITY 101!”

  1. My hair will not sync end less I push it down about 1/8 down.if just dropped it in there it stays to top. Love Courtney
    Ps please respond.

  2. Using a oil to lock the moisture into your hair after applying a leave-in conditioner, water, or any kind of moisturizer.

  3. Hi! Love your lipgloss! What kind is it? 🙂 Just did the test. Seems I have high porosity 🙁

  4. Im confused, I dropped it in the water and it just floated on top, it didn't even sink into the water. But when I used a pen to lightly push it under, it drifted to the very bottom.

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