Hair Tinsels FAQs, TUTORIAL, Tips & Tricks

In this informative video, I’m answering the most frequently asked questions about my hair tinsels/hair bling/hair shimmers. I’m also going to show you a tutorial on how to tie in the hair tinsels so it will stay in longer & give you tips and tricks to maintain them. Hair tinsels are sparkly, shimmery, or shiny strings of popular hair accessories that can be tied to your hair. Since you can choose any color you like, hair tinsels are a great alternative to hair dye or hair highlights. They’re great to wear for the holidays, Halloween, parties, Prom, music festivals, summertime, or everyday occasions.

1. What are they? 0:20
2. Where did you buy them? 0:59
3. How long do they last? How do you maintain them? 0:58
4. TUTORIAL time! 1:50


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  1. hey girly! love the vid! thanks for the tutorial! the tinsel is soooo cute in my hair. all the love! <3 -todd's daughters and friends

  2. Are the cheap ($2 USD) eBay tinsel packs good? I don't want to get average X-Mas tinsels XD

  3. I might be getting tinsel in my hair but I'm concerned about how to remove them? If you know can you please answer?

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