Hairdresser's Guide To Doing A Bleach Bath At Home

Hi Beautiful! Today im going to show you, in detail, how to do a bleach bath on your own hair at home. So you dont ruin your hair!

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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa

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12 Replies to “Hairdresser's Guide To Doing A Bleach Bath At Home”

  1. I need help! I'm loosing enormous amount of hair all over scalp after chemical straightening from a salon! It was done in summers and i suspect they didn't wash out the chemical properly. My scalp health was surely compromised. No burn on scalp. But loosing all over since 6 months. Please suggest what to do? How to make scalp healthy and regrowth help!!!! I'm sure the scalp absorbed chemical initially!

  2. Wait lol I think I am a little confused is he saying you can do a bleach bath or just use his foaming product which did lighten his hair ?????

  3. I watch your channel, but we can only get 2 xmondo products in the UK, thats the Hair Gloss at £61-62 and the wave at £43-12, both out of my budget range.

  4. Someday I'll have enough money to buy your products. xD Someday. Freaking loved the color result.

  5. This is literally perfect. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to take out my red Demi permanent hair color so I can eventually go for a gray or silver look. Thank you so much brad. And pop off with that toner. ❤

  6. Just in timeee! I just bleached my hair and Im about to do this to get rid of yellow/orange color

  7. Omg. I had dark purple hair for 3 months. Thank you thank you for this video! I was able to get all the purple out an now I can finally dye my hair red ??

  8. Okay but right after the malibu treatment. Your hair with no product and fluffy and full…You looked so magical ??

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