Hamburger in a Can & How To Feed Crowd For Cheap – American Goulash Recipe

Let’s see what’s inside a can of Yoder’s Hamburger and make a batch of American Goulash.

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00:00 Intro
0:19 What are we tasting?
0:52 Other canned products.
1:42 No bulge-y cans.
3:04 Opening the can.
4:00 Taste test.
5:11 Clean out your fridge & make goulash.
5:22 How to chop a bell pepper.
6:44 Dansk rant.
8:10 Sauté veg.
9:16 Add beef.
9:59 Seasonings.
11:06 Pasta.
13:59 Tasting.

This video is NOT sponsored. Just opening cans.

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Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound, and ‘Sprightly’ from iMovie. You’ve made it to the end — welcome! Comment: “All I wanted was a goo goo doll.”

11 Replies to “Hamburger in a Can & How To Feed Crowd For Cheap – American Goulash Recipe”

  1. I couldn't finish the video because of the shirt. Now I have that horrible song stuck in my head.

  2. I like this sort of thing with a tablespoon of sour cream stirred in. Makes it decadent.

  3. We always made it with elbow macaroni or shells and used much more pasta. We added corn and black olives and served with parmesan cheese. Loved it as a kid.

  4. I love seeing variations of Goulash! My grandma browns beef, adds canned tomato, frozen spinach, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pep all together in one pan. Mixes in some cooked egg noodles, tops with cheese and then pop it in the oven! Goulash casserole. This was mine and my brothers favorite recipe of hers. We would ALWAYS ask for it when we spent the night at their house. Always with a side of San Luis sourdough. I need to make some

  5. Walmart sells cans those size that have cooked ground beef 4:00 , & several other options. It's about $8 (in the mid west! I recommend it for an emergency. They ha e smaller sized cans too

  6. Anyone making Hoover Stew would definitely choose a cheaper cut of meat ????????????

  7. I've always wanted to know about your kitchen. Is this in a shed/filming studio/ guesthouse? I'm sure it's not your main kitchen. Was curious. Thanks! Love from Vancouver Canada.

  8. I guess if you are creating a "prepper" pantry this is a good buy, otherwise I prefer fresh mince or some hamburger from my freeze,. Goulash is easy, cheap and filling! I love ditalini but, I think you need macaroni or shells for this recipe.

  9. Having read the Earth Children series in the 80's and listened to the audio books recently, I often imagine what Ayla would think of YouTube cooking videos like this.

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