He stacks bricks inside a flower pot for this brilliant idea!

Here’s how this DIYer turned a few bricks and a flower pot into gravity-defying decor! Your neighbors will love this!

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9 Replies to “He stacks bricks inside a flower pot for this brilliant idea!”

  1. One minute in and I already know what he’s going to do. Seen it on Pinterest.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful ideas! I particularly like the fountain idea. Can you please provide us with detailed info on the products used?
    1. What type of pump?
    2. Drill bit size
    3. Hose size
    Thank you kindly, keep the the fabulous work!!

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  4. Don't know which I like best. I like the water fountain idea, but the flower basket with clothespins is adorable. Now to look for the clothespins I have somewhere 🤔
    Blessed day everyone

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