I'm finally admitting it.

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Today’s video is cleaning motivation…sort of. It’s more of an honest look at cleaning and organizing. This is such a busy hectic time for so many people, and for me it leads to RAGE CLEANING. Have you heard of it? Do you do it, too? It’s so nice to feel less alone. Normalize the baby steps.

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“Company Is Coming” full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBwELzvnrQg

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15 Replies to “I'm finally admitting it.”

  1. Yup. I needed this today. Apparently when I last decluttered, my kids decided to rip apart the huge bag. Actually multiple bags. We do not live near any donation sites anymore, so it's difficult for me to get them out of the house. We have one child who gets super emotional when donating anything, so it's been hard.
    I appreciate the clip at the end because it's nice to see that we're "normal" making messes with water, etc. With 5 kids, I'm always turning around to someone spilling water, dumping food, etc.

    Thank you, Kathryn ♡ you are enough ♡

  2. Cleaning is my therapy! Sometimes not Cleaning is best….I would forego Cleaning once in a while if my then young son wanted to play!

  3. You said something that will stick with me forever – "Motivation doesn't come first, you have to uncover it." 💕

  4. I absolutely love your videos! You always leave me feeling better than I did before and usually motivated, lol. I can not thank you enough! You are amazing ❤️

  5. I'd like to clean before the rage kicks in. While laying here with covid, I am thinking of how much is not being done. How food is going bad because I'm too fatigued to prep it, how I need undies, but will wear a swim bottom for today. BUT, today, I am enough. Katherine said so.
    God bless

  6. Over all the years of always feeling like i don’t do a good enough job in my home, and wanting everything to be spotless and right, I’ve discovered having less stuff and clutter makes life so much easier, i love donating and giving things away, hubby not so happy but he gets it, keeping my house tidy and clean isn’t as hard as it used to be, Thankyou Kathryn xx

  7. Thank you!! You keep me motivated and your positivity is refreshing. It’s the small things sometimes that give us the most joy. If I get big projects started and I can’t complete because life I can get frustrated or overwhelmed. Smaller tasks completed keep me motivated and sane 🙃🤣

  8. Thanks for showing the mess. I feel so defeated, stressed out and disappointed in all my clutter that I try to get rid of every day. But I live with four other people in the house who don't share my organization vision. 😒

  9. People call me a clean freak. I have learned to break my deap cleaning into increments (seasons). I deep clean my house every season. Which is 4 times a year. Sticking to this has given me less stress when it comes to cleaning. Well something I love to do anyways. I don't feel overwhelmed by trying to get everything done at once.

  10. Rage cleaning….. so that’s what I’m doing!! As I get older, the harder it is to get it all done. I love a clean home and most times I get satisfaction from cleaning but I also don’t want it to be taking all my time. I need to be enjoying life, I’m 69 and have been a clean freak since I was 13! I’m tired of cleaning and two days later start all over again.
    I needed this today, thank you❣️

  11. I feel so lazy when I’m not motivated to clean. Thanks for giving a new perspective!

  12. I set a 15 min timer and start going with easiest jobs first like wiping down the bathroom or loading the dishwasher. Then I keep setting the timer and doing the next job and next job, etc

  13. Thank you for this video, I share an apartment with a messy person and it's so aggravating.

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