Pro Chef Turns Canned Black Beans Into 3 Meals For Under $9 | The Smart Cook | Epicurious

Chef Dan Giusti is back with another edition of The Smart Cook, this time demonstrating the potential waiting within your average can of black beans. Watch as Dan prepares a day’s worth of meals, each elevating canned black beans from the mundane to something nutritious and surprisingly delicious. The best part? All 3 dishes come in for under $3 a serving.

Dan Giusti, formerly the head chef of Noma, is the founder of Brigaid, a company that places professional chefs into institutional food spaces like public schools. Brigaid chefs bring their experience, knowledge and technique to institutional kitchens to improve food quality. Similar to how Brigaid works–by bringing professional chefs into institutional spaces to apply their knowledge to new environments– The Smart Cook intends to do the same by bringing Chef Dan’s experience and knowhow into your home with delicious recipes prepared on a budget.

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23 Replies to “Pro Chef Turns Canned Black Beans Into 3 Meals For Under $9 | The Smart Cook | Epicurious”

  1. Another video everyone!!!! Thanks for taking the time to watch!!!

    Let me know what you think!!

  2. I loathe the taste of black beans and even I thought this looked good!

    Also dont feel bad about wanting to be a muffin, I wanted to be a bin lorry/garbage truck. Not an operator, the truck itself

  3. Chef, I disagree one does not have to "soak" dried legumes aka beans as it relates to this video. Additionally you have complete control over seasoning components. Now this is not intended to deminish the value or use of canned beans and they are quite handy at times, but in my humble opinion one should always have an assortement of dried legumes they enjoy on hand.

  4. Love it! I'm definitely trying the breakfast one in the near future, and the rest… eventually. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. The Instant Pot is the easiest way to always have beans on hand for cheap and cook so quickly. The beans come out so creamy in a half hour.

  6. Southern cooks never cut warm bread. We will perforate with a fork and gently pull apart.

  7. To toast your opened corn muffin, place flat side down in a skillet with butter or lard or tallow. The surface crisps and the muffin stays moist.

  8. This is my favorite series on all of Youtube. I've learned so much from Chef Dan and want to thank him for putting his knowledge out there for the betterment of the world. Thanks to the Epicurious team for making it all possible!

  9. Schnmokin' hot and yummy – nailed it again. Love this series. Can you please share some non cooked meals for keeping cool in the scorchio summer we're having?

  10. Another great video! Love that you use unpretentious and accessible ingredients. Can’t wait for the next one.

  11. I don't usually recreate a recipe straight off YT videos because of lack of reviews, but after so many delicious and unique recipes, I've learned to trust Dan enough to cook it myself straight away. Also, thank you for always providing vegetarian options.

  12. Rienzi beans are the lowest sodium canned beans I've found. They're not marked as low sodium, but, trust me, they got the low sodium brands beat.

  13. I was canning roasted hatch chilis last summer and made the mistake of wiping the sweat from my brow without washing my hands when I went to take a break. My face was on fire for a good 30 minutes.

  14. Never heard of someone snacking on a GREEN pepper. Red orange yellow.. yes

    Imo they are too bitter raw

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