Heel Hook 101: MMA Application to get the lock

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Keith Owen shows the basics behind the heel hook (leg lock) and a few different techniques for it. He also shows the can opener (neck crank) for MMA applications.

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  1. Hello submissions 101, please stop turning off comments on your other video uploads. Do know, I'm hitting the unlike button when you turn off comments.

  2. what a dick move. The helper is tapping out and he's just ignoring it and keeps going… in a demo.

  3. you can tell this guy has mad knowledge of the technique and mechanics of rolling into submissions

  4. I always hear people say can opener is a great setup for an armbar, but I have still to this day never seen anyone pull that off in a high level SW or MMA fight..

  5. when the guy thai plums the guy on the bottom, the guy on bottom can turn the hips pull a leg control the wrists and pull off an arm bar.

  6. Gsp was doing the can opener to Carlos Condit but I think he wasn't pulling too hard. I can't really tell

  7. im always like Fuuuuuck when my coach uses me as his test dummy, tapping out every other second like this poor guy lol

  8. Joe Lauzon has tried two Flying Heel Hooks in the UFC. Wasnt able to complete either one due to his momentum. The Spider Flying Heel hook was a once in lifetime occurance.

  9. @eddie2593 control the wrist well first , but if they get that deep in iti would say one elbow one on wristand kimuraor whatever but if your talking about the leg lock i think you should research for yourself

  10. i think neck cranks, specially can opener and heal hooks are the most unrespected submissions in practice.
    like mr. owens said, you pull the heal to your nose and make it tight (i love that concept, thank you so much) and if they try to roll out out of any leg lock, your forced to let go because you don't want to hurt your training partner.
    when you do the can opener you go slow(just like any submission) but people resist and won't open the gaurd. when they should.
    awsome upload, thanks

  11. @bamboocha923 if done properly with elbows in and head down there is no counter regardles of neck strength you will have to open up ur guard or tap.

  12. @EvanK1995 If the dont keep their elbows in and head down then yes you can counter with an arm bar, but if done properly u will have to open ur guard up or tap.

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