Holly Jolly Christmas Candle Haul

I’m doing Vlogmas over on my second channel! Make sure to check it out, here is the playlist! http://bit.ly/Vlogmas2015

Bath and Body Works is the bomb dot com for holiday candles… bring it on! In this video I talk about how one of my boxes didn’t arrive in time to make it in this video, but I will add a little unboxing in one of my vlogmas vlogs! What’s your favorite one? Leave me a comment!

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24 Replies to “Holly Jolly Christmas Candle Haul”

  1. Musk scent comes from the glands of a specific breed of deer .. Actually called musk deer..

  2. Musk comes from deer's butts…. a scent from their glands, I only know this because i work at lush lol and a customer asked why we use synthetic musk and not real musk, and well I learned this from my manager that chimed in.

  3. You can Google musk but it originally came from a deer…. A musk deer. Since it was deemed unfriendly it's now synthetically made. It's prutting to some but it's supposed to add a sensual feeling too a perfume

  4. I'm pausing this vid to say I LOVE THAT HEDGEHOG ORNAMENT ON tree xD ok back to watching the mad candle haul.

  5. Elle, watching your videos makes me so happy😃 loving all the videos you have been putting up and especially vlogmas!!

  6. musk is from anal glands of beavers. (it's synthetic now) and amber scent was from whale guts, obviously now synthetic. But yeah, nasty stuff can smell really good.

  7. YES I was so excited to see a candle haul video because Christmas gives me CANDLE FEVER 😁😂🎄

  8. Cute video Elle… Been watching you since I was 9 years old,I practically grew up with you lol I'm 16 now the first video I've ever watched of yours was the Mac starter kit haha so much has changed. Love you keep up the great work xoxo

  9. Candles aren't good guys!!! Especially if it's not a soy based wax one. It's filling your home with carbon monoxide and soot. Really bad for the air quality in general..

  10. Love your makeup and hair! And I loved this video! I think I might check out some of the candles at bath and body works.

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