Makeup Collection + Declutter! // Bags and Pouches!

Hi darlings. Today is part 5 of my collection and declutter, I’m doing my makeup bags and pouches! Make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you want to see more!

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24 Replies to “Makeup Collection + Declutter! // Bags and Pouches!”

  1. hey Elle! i would like to request you to do either a tour or a declutter vedio of your lipstick collection and your eye shadow collection please.. i am reall excited to see dat.. thanx

  2. You could use the white bag on your wedding day! Makeup for touch ups and mini mergency things.

  3. I have SO many little Ipsy bags as well as other larger bags but can't get myself to get rid of them!!

  4. Disclaimer/intended to not be ruthless/hateful in any way shape or form when stating this obvious fact. But do any of you find it a tad bizarre that +ElleFowler  has so little subbies compared to other beauty gurus here on the tube?  I'm not mentioning any names. Just stating a random fact/opinion on the subject at hand. Elle has been doing videos for many, many yrs. I do love her, and her beauty/tutorials/hauls/vlogmas videos/ etc. Idk. I'm just quite random with my thoughts if you will. I see millioins upon millions of subs on various other channels. I feel she so deserves more subscribers. js

  5. Another great decluttering video, Elle!! I can't wait to see the eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks videos…those are my favorite makeup items and I'm sure I'll enjoy them a lot! 😊

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