Home Ab Workout Finisher (YOU’LL SURRENDER!)

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Most home ab workouts are enough to sizzle your core and make you squirm wishing for it to be over. The mistake is, that is when most people stop doing their ab workouts. If you want to truly blitz your abs you have to be willing to take your discomfort to the next level. In this ab workout finisher, I show you how to push through failure using a series of wall plant planks to convince yourself not just how much you had left in the tank, but how much more torture your abs could have taken before you called it a day.

To start, perform whatever ab workout you are planning for the day. We have hundreds of ab workout videos available here on our channel and unlimited ab workouts via our six pack shuffle feature in our ATHLEAN-X program. Once you complete your workout, immediately proceed to a wall in your house that you can place your feet on. Might help if you take off your shoes so you are not ruining the walls during this ab workout finisher.

Begin by planting your feet firmly against the wall and assuming a plank position on your forearms. Try and keep your low back flat and your butt down. You do not want to arch your lower back, as this is an indicator of weak abs. Start by performing 10 cross knee planks without letting your knees hit the floor. As soon as you are done with these, attempt to hold a static version of this wall plant plank for 30 seconds. Again, you want to be sure that you don’t allow your knees to touch the ground.

If you survive this portion of the finisher, move immediately onto the next part which is the toe touch planks. Here, you will cross your leg straight under your body and attempt to touch down on the floor. It is important to know that while your toe is allowed to touch the ground, your knees are once again not allowed to. See if you can perform 10 straight to each side and then follow it up with another 30 second plank hold.

If you again last through this core torture you will move onto the final leg of this home ab workout sizzler. Once again, with your feet planted against the wall move into jumping jack planks. Attempt to complete 10 reps with your feet hopping out and in against the wall. As soon as you are through with these, try and hold that wall plant plank one last time for 30 seconds. Likely, your abs will be screaming and your knees will want to come crashing to the ground. Don’t let them, at least not if you want to build some seriously strong abs.

It’s home ab workout finishers like this that really push your core to the max and help you to build abs like an athlete. Just when it is comfortable to give in is exactly the time when you have to push yourself even harder not to. The ATHLEAN-X Training System is a workout program that not only includes core training in every exercise but helps you to push yourself to your limits. If you want to see what it’s like to train your abs like an athlete head to http://athleanx.com and get your complete program today.

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24 Replies to “Home Ab Workout Finisher (YOU’LL SURRENDER!)”

  1. How do you stop your forearms sliding your whole body forward during the exercise?

  2. I love applying all the principles and tough creative exercises you do, the ones I can do as a female, lol. And I love using them on my male clients !! Your knowledge is unparalleled, bar none.

  3. dude i love most of ur excercises and tried this one last night. there is way too much pressure on my shoulders and amost none of my abs.

  4. I didn't surrender in fact I go to the gym I do a pyramid with the ab crunch machine no arm pulling/pushing only ab movements  from 100lb to 200lb with 10 sets.Then I go do some declined crunches  30 reps 4 sets and I finish with 4 sets of 20 reps full sit ups then I do trunk lifts around 4 sets of 30.oblique machine 4 sets and I finish with 5 minutes of planking then 20 minutes of cardio THAT you will surrender.

  5. Love the creativity Jeff. Never seen anyone do these ! amazing to still be finding new ab exercises. As a yoga instructor I know how hard it is to re invent the same workouts every week!

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