Home – Day 0 – Welcome Home | 30 Days of Yoga

Get ready to step inside and see what it feels like to be at home.

Today’s 6 min orientation video offers some tips and support as we prepare for 30 Days Of Yoga. You can experience this video on the couch, in bed, or on the mat. Watch till the end! The yoga practice starts with Day 1 tomorrow.

This is designed for us. All of us. To come together as we are. To uncover aspects of ourselves that are already within, and celebrate who we really are. Trust me, trust yourself, the map is already within you.

Prepare to work hard, get strong, find ease, and have fun!

Let me know how you are feeling and where you will be practicing from in the comment section down below!

There is no place like home, namaste.

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Yoga With Adriene, LLC recommends that you consult your physician regarding the applicability of any recommendations and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, and assume all risk of injury to yourself.

27 Replies to “Home – Day 0 – Welcome Home | 30 Days of Yoga”

  1. Hello dear friends! Welcome HOME! Today we take 6 minutes to settle in and just breeeeathe. Where in the world are you practicing from today?

  2. Aug. 8, 2023

    To preface, ive apparently tried to follow this playlist & series before but never made it past day 3 apparently.

    So, I just finished my 2nd round of 30 day practices from your channel. I started with "Center," and decided to do the yoga practices every morning after my walk around the neighborhood. I started it with the mindset of "Ive tried this before, i never make it beyond the first few days, but my body is craving movement so lets see what happens." It was miserable more days than not, honestly. Trying to be comfortable with and in my body while also paying attention to my breath while also paying attention to the moment…and that was just week one. Week two brought more awkward mornings sneaking outside with my yoga mat and just trying to promise myself to show up on the mat and feel awkward. Week three and week 4 felt increasingly less awkward but then I decided "if i can make it to and survive day 30, lets try again."

    I just wrapped up "Move" and its been such an exciting adventure to look back on. I started out with more ease in my body physically, mentally, and emotionally. So even on the days I didnt LOVE how my body was, i still at least showed up for it. This is also the series that made me fall in love with (at least a little) with how long and lanky my body can feel (hello horizon pose ????).

    Im also so much more centered and calm and focused off the mat, and while my mental health management imoroved with a medication change, the last 60 days of YwA in my morning has helped me with that. My little "set up," is 2 mats from Five Below & 4 blocks from there too. The mats are multiple because im 6'3" so one normal mat feels like a tease, and theyre getting roughed up from the concrete slab i do yoga on in the backyard, but theyve been my favorite place to find myself each morning.

    All this to say, im excited to do another 30 day yoga practice, and deepening my understanding and appreciation for this daily part of my life now. Thank you for being a yoga creator who makes yoga feel less terrifying and scary. I cant wait to see you in the morning for day 1, all over again (for a second time) again ????

  3. Just moved across the country and experiencing a lot of stress, so I’m starting this in August 2023 ????????

  4. Thankyou Adrienne ❤️
    Starting on 1 July, 2023.
    I feel excited this time.
    Looking forward to feel satisfied, happy and peaceful.

    Love you Adrienne ❤️????

  5. It seems like Adriene and Benji knows that there'll be a lockdown. This journey is sooooo fitting in the 2020 pandemic. Doing this in 2023 <3

  6. It's been 3 years and this 30-day practice is still my go-to whenever I restart my yoga sessions after a while. Hats off to you Adriene!

  7. I've been suffering with some chronic health problems for over a year starting with a whiplash injury that basically made my body fall apart and i've been battling slipping rib syndrome which my cardiologist seems to think has made my nervous system so jittery it's caused heart palpitations. Haven't had one whole day with no pain or feeling normal in the past year. I used to love doing your videos and i'm tired of being scared of moving in case something flares up. Here goes nothin'!

  8. Taking this journey again after months of not practicing and dicey health…I desperately need a reset ❤

  9. This is my reset point, I’ve done this journey 3 times already, never reached day 30, but arrived always at 26,28.
    I’ve had deep, wonderful, life changing moments with this journey. Now I’ve been feeling dull and stuck for over a month, and I’ve tried everything to come back to connection, to come back home.
    Today I start this journey again, it is the only things that works for me, because it teaches me how to surrender, instead of force things.
    Thank you so much to adriene and all of you, for being my anchor back home????????????????????

  10. Hi everyone, I just found yoga with Adriene about 6 weeks ago. Since I already rold out my mat every morning, these 30 day practice motivate me even more. Tomorrow morning I start home and I am really looking forward to this new yourney! Thanks Adriene.

  11. Returning to this video after two years, when I first joined the YWA community, to share it with my Mom ????

  12. I'm here because of Steven's playlist… And covid is long gone where I come from. I don't believe it ever truly existed outside of the government's bs mind control… Of which I was never a part ???? so at 62 years Young I'm ready to extend my body, mind and Spirit.

  13. Starring this tomorrow June 1, 2022! First 30 day challenge I did was Breath in Decwmber 2021, that started me on my yoga journey! Love your videos!

  14. from Move to Breath and tomorrow gonna start Home! I dont want a day without yoga. thank u adrienne for this awesome practice <3

  15. Adriene, as someone with a tech background, I cannot express how excited I was to see this series start at 0. So satisfying. Thank you my friend.

  16. love, light and best wishes to everyone dedicating themselves to returning home again <3 🙂

  17. Hi! I am working backwards. Just completed "MOVE" and now I am doing "HOME". Thank you Adriene. You have truly been a blessing to me. Yoga has become a part of my day now.

  18. Today will be day 91 for me. I started in January and this is my 4th challenge this year. I did Move then Breath then 30 Days. Now I’m starting Home.???? Thank you, Adriene. Your programs have changed my life!

  19. I am here after finishing BREATH yoga journey! And I am coming from Macedoniaaa! So happy to continue my path with this one! Just liked to thank you for being part of my spiritual journey and for returning me home, in my body, to myself! THANK YOU! <3

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