Home Decor Everyone LOVES that I HATE

Here are my home decor items that others love that I hate! These are items that seem to be beloved my some and are still really popular, that I personally don’t care for.

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⏱ Timestamps:
00:00 – Home Decor Everyone Loves that I Hate
00:22 – Live Edge Table
01:53 – Concrete Floors and Concrete Countertops
04:08 – Animal Print
05:09 – Animal Hide Rugs
06:21 – Homegoods
08:31. -Excessive Boucle
10:01 – Pot Filler
11:28 – Floral Print

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17 Replies to “Home Decor Everyone LOVES that I HATE”

  1. Reminder that this is just my opinion. Some things I try to justify why I don't like them, sometimes it's just not my taste. You're allowed to like different things and I'm also allowed to make fun of the things you like on the internet. Feel free to make fun of the things I like – start with the clock in my background. It's very controversial and some people hate it as much as I hate live edge tables with resin.

  2. Agree with you on everything, especially the Live Edge – I totally don't understand why anyone would want that. I don't like the look and I don't think the live edge is as useful as a finished edge. Except, I only agree half-way on the florals. Florals can be done very well, or very badly. I've done both.

  3. "That's classy…that is the gentlemanly thing to do!" Lol! Thanks for the laugh! Your snark gets me every time!???? I personally love live edge tables (I don't have one because they're so pricey), but if I did, I'd totally be ok with you teasing me about it as long as you used your signature snark and sarcasm!????

  4. Fake animal print specially the natural skinned shape rug is faux gross.

  5. A concrete floor is awful. They can never get clean cuz they're porous and always like shedding dust. Also cold, hard… In fact a hard 'no.'

  6. W. Morris's floral wallpapers are gorgeous! But yes, most floral patterns look tacky and granny-sh.

  7. Every time I eat with my in-laws, I imagine running their table through my table saw to fix that live edge. And pot fillers: a solution in search of a problem. Not to mention a disaster waiting to happen—a (skanky) water supply with no drain.

  8. Live edge table with blue pour is so cheap looking, idc how much it costs.

  9. So, concrete floors also really carry sound – in my last apartment, the person living above me was renovating, and the day I learned they for sure weren't planning to put in actual flooring but instead were just polishing the reinforced concrete was the day I emailed a real estate agent about selling mine.

  10. My Mom always said "Flowers belong in a vase, not on the wall, drapes or furniture". ????

  11. With prints I think the trick is to kinda chill with the rest of the design, keep the rest of it pretty subtle.

  12. Great video. But I’m not understanding your logic about pot fillers. If you are actually cooking with the water there is this thing called evaporation that should reduce the amount of water in the pot by the time you are done heating it up. So logically when it’s time to empty what’s left if should be lighter than what it was when you filled it with the pot filler. I don’t know if I would remodel my kitchen just for that but if I was already remodeling or a new build I can see the convenience of having it if I’m a cooker. ????

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