Hot Dog History Born in Coney Island

Nathan’s Famous, host of the annual July 4 hot-dog eating contest, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. WSJ’s Jeff Bush takes a trip to the original Coney Island location to explore the humble history of the popular sausage on a bun. Photo: Jeff Bush

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25 Replies to “Hot Dog History Born in Coney Island”

  1. I never understand why people wait in long lines for a free hot dog or a taco or something like that. I'd rather just drop the $3 or whatever and not have to wait in a massive line.

  2. ‎‎Excuse me. What are the ingredients might put in Coney Island Nathan’s Famous hot dogs? Do you put sauerkraut or fermented vegetables in it?

  3. Both of them suggested he get into the business and he agreed! He saved his money and bought a lot on Stillwell Avenue! The rest is history.

  4. If it wasn't for Eddie Cantor and Jimmy Durante two struggling actors turned waiters at Feltmans Nathan's Famous would have never happened!

  5. baaabwbwaahaahahahahahahaahahah nathans are the worst dogs you mean " if you think they are good , you have never had a great hot dog ! besides brats and sausages are better then hot dogs " grow up "

  6. Nathans is owned by a company in ''''''C H I N A ! ''' They don't want anyone to know so they hide the Nathan's brand behind the name John Morrell and Co. based in Cincinnati……. But John Morrell and Co. is owned by Smithfield foods ( Hams ) and all is owned by…Shuanghui International Holdings Limited and WH Group of China…….. Stop buying foods owned by China! …… Check it out yourself.

  7. The server sweated over the hot dog grill giving the unique flavor to the meat. Nothing better.

  8. A while back, I decided to give Nathan's hot dogs a try. After doing so, I understand why everyone goes crazy for them. They are quite tasty, if they're cooked the right way. Now, if they were lower in price at the supermarket, then I'd buy them more often.

  9. The hot dogs were much better when the server was sweating over the grill and the mustard was in an open bowl.

  10. We New Yorkers have the best of everything. Coney Island Nathan’s, Brooklyn has the best Roast Beef sandwich at Brennan and Carr’s and the best Pastrami at Katz Deli and the best fried clams in The Bronx at City Island

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