How to Buy Your First Piece of Art

When buying art, all most people have to go on is their gut. This isn’t a bad way to go about it actually. Kelsey Hubbard speaks with the director of NY’s Andrea Rosen Gallery and gets a few tips on how to cultivate an art collection.
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12 Replies to “How to Buy Your First Piece of Art”

  1. How about a gift of 100 million so I can buy a Jackson Pollock?!! That would be my start.

  2. I love old masters paintings…but those are so just print a Rembrant from google and voila! Le faux art. Just for now..i will chang it when im rich lol

  3. Some tips: 1. Learn what you like about the art you collect; 2. Seek out art that you respond to positively to at an art auction; 3. Remember that even popular art does not always go up in value.

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