HOUSE TOUR: Inside an Art-Filled Virginia Home with Sprawling Gardens

On today’s episode of Homeworthy, we’re bringing you to Northern Virginia for a look into Jacqueline Bond’s especially charming 1950’s home. With sprawling grounds and expansive living spaces, the home was love at first sight for Jacqueline and her husband after living in DC for a decade.

As co-founder of publishing and art house Bond and Grace, Jacqueline’s home is ever-evolving with her artistic collaborations on rotational display. Bursts of color carry a cheerful atmosphere throughout the home, while an edited curation of vintage furnishings brings Jacqueline’s personal touch into each space. A spice garden and serene outdoor living space sit upon two acres of land, where Jacqueline frequently hosts fabulous events, soirees and family gatherings. Enjoy!

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15 Replies to “HOUSE TOUR: Inside an Art-Filled Virginia Home with Sprawling Gardens”

  1. I see why they fell in love with home. It’s big yet each room is cozy and inviting. It’s really beautiful and filled with personality. Love her style.

  2. It's been my experience that people that use the term "Northern Virginia" are trying to differentiate themselves from what they perceive as Bumpkins in the rest of the state.

  3. Love, love, love each room. Its colorful, comfortable, calming and charming-what more could you want??

  4. Beautiful Home! I just would have more of constant color theme your color theme is kinda all over the place! I prefer things to kinda match like your dinner room table the chairs are beautiful you should have made the table black to match the chairs! But your home your taste just my opinion!????

  5. A lot of traditional inspiration, here. Thank you for allowing us to see something beautiful, personal and fresh!

  6. Wow. Isnt it fabulous being rich!!! Total envy (in a good way if that’s possible)

  7. Beautiful home, I would add some cushions with more texture and colors. Lovely young lady, love her dress. Thanks for sharing this house with us.

  8. If you cut the peonies long just when the colour of the bud shows and wrap them up, put them in the fridge; when your peonies in the garden have waned you can still have peonies ( just cut them and put them in fresh water in vases and they will open up fully. When friends visit they will be amazed how you can still have peonies. Love your home, I noticed your staircase is on such a gentle flow, going up and down much be a dream, like Scarlett O’Hara in her beautiful gowns. Your books and the inspiration of art is genius. ❤

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