Construction of a Duplex Part 18

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14 Replies to “Construction of a Duplex Part 18”

  1. Re nails and windows …. Would it not be easier to use your screw-gun to screw the window frames in?
    Point and screw, instead of holding, hitting, then hitting again all without trying to hit the window with nails

    Even just an electric screwdriver with a magnet tip holder would probs be easy

  2. I cannot say enough how incredible y'all are!! You don't cut corners (well, you cut corners, but you know what I mean) ???? on anything – so precise, so professional, so interesting to watch. My hubby is a retired residential contractor, & we learn things every time we watch your videos!! And, y'all are "so fun" – as my Grands say!! God bless y'all and your families!! ????????????

  3. Two passes with a fresh razor blade across that flange and they snap right off .

  4. I have watched a lot of your videos and have a quick question. What caulking do you prefer to use as I thought you always use the Big Stretch caulk and now I see you used that brand and Lexel! What gives?

  5. Jason is a true marketing trendsetter. His channel and yours make the perfect combination.

  6. The sliding door seal against the floor. I’m not knocking the lexel but that type of connection doesn’t seem like it would make min building code in a lot of places. I would have thought there would be work to be done. Perhaps I’m wrong. Thoughts folks?

  7. I'm a Sider and a Finish Carpenter I do all the exterior finish of custom framed homes at my company. We set a lot of windows if you're looking for a fast and easy way to nail off an already leveled and centered window (flange) try a roofing nail gun!! That's what we use. Fat head and doesn't break the flange nearly as much as a siding coil gun or framing nailer. We also use T15 GRK cabinet screws with a pan head for big windows to really make sure they don't go nowhere. Hope this tip helps love your guys channel! Been watching for years

  8. Are metal truss brackets still needed if you install those truss lock screws?

  9. How many times will I watch these guys do the same thing on every project? One day we may know that answer, but today is not that day. Thank you!

  10. I'm just thinking out loud, but why not sit the spraygun in a bucket of water, when at lunch or on the phone? ????????????

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