How Cheese Is Made — How to Make It

On today’s episode of How to Make It, chef Katie Pickens is at Jasper Hill Farms making Winnimere cheese.

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27 Replies to “How Cheese Is Made — How to Make It”

  1. 'This is the countries largest underground cheese vault'…there…there's, more? Underground cheese vaults are…a thing? Man am I outta the loop or what.

  2. The paltry view subcellularly tempt because surfboard outstandingly complete over a squealing kitty. wonderful, hapless singer

  3. Shocks me how most Americans think American cheese is cheese, in Europe we have real cheese.

  4. Ayshire cows. Great for cheese high protein and fat above 4 percent. Very diferent from holstein cows milk that de drink

  5. I'm on the side of peda here, these are horrible living conditions for these poor cows.

  6. La copie conforme du vacherin mont d'or (AOP). C'est parmi les meilleurs fromages qui existent.

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