How Chef Jeff Miller Makes the Sushi at NYC’s Rosella His Own — Omakase

At NYC’s Rosella, Jeff Miller makes an omakase menu that truly cements the philosophy of ‘chef’s choice.’ He uses locally sourced seafood and bold flavors to make menu items like sushi with smoked steelhead trout, smoked sea urchin, mussels, as well as a tamago dessert with caviar and maple syrup, and more.

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Producer: Pelin Keskin
Director: Murilo Ferreira
Camera: Connor Reid, Murilo Ferreira
Editor: Christian Moreno

Executive Producer: Stephen Pelletteri
Development Producer: Ian Stroud
Supervising Producer: Stefania Orrù
Associate Producer: Julia Hess
Audience Development: Terri Ciccone, Frances Dumlao, Avery Dalal
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23 Replies to “How Chef Jeff Miller Makes the Sushi at NYC’s Rosella His Own — Omakase”

  1. Very interesting. His nigiri are much more rounded/circular. Less elongated. Never the less, looks delicious. Would love to try them one day.

  2. I love that he acknowledges the idea that he's making sushi as a white person. He says it's technically not sushi but it kind of is. You feel the passion and you feel the influence of his Asian chef teachers and it really shines through. He's making it his own.

  3. How to you get rid of parasites…..Don't deny that they are not in the fish.

  4. Nothing personal but if I want the best sushi I'd rather go with a Japanese chef just like Italians would with an Italian pizza chef not an Asian chef, soul food with black chef not a white chef. You know the mentality white people really feel about but don't say publicly so much

  5. looks pretty much like those guys didn't replace technique with chic.

  6. I can always tell how a chef feels by the way he interacts with his food. Ur gentleness and care to developing the flavors of ur food is comforting. I'd come to ur restaurant in a heartbeat!!! Great job sharing with the viewers.🎏🍣 Warmly Cookie

  7. looks fantastic. just wish you were NOT in nyc. been there many times years ago, after my grandma passed, it’s just not the same being there bc she was nyc for me. thanks for the video.

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  9. I sell fish sticks in front of his shop. Still frozen and people LOVE my Sushi ice "cream". $15 a pop and YOU can be important, too!

  10. What a nice guy and what a nice workd he does both of em ! All the best and luck in the world ☺️

  11. Using the best ingredients around you is best.
    Dont need to copybetter to learn from and improve.

  12. Every chef has their own outlook in food. Authenticity does not correlate to quality or masterful taste. The ability for one chef to enjoy his passion and share it with others using the method of food trumps “replication” of authenticity. These guys are no joke and would love to visit someday.

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