How do you make CHEESE & CRACKERS… GOURMET?? | Sorted Food

IT’S CHALLENGE TIME! In today’s episode, the normals are put to the challenge by chef Ben to make cheese and crackers gourmet?!

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18 Replies to “How do you make CHEESE & CRACKERS… GOURMET?? | Sorted Food”

  1. the presentation reminds me of Barry's entry for the first pancake battle. ALL ON ONE WOODEN BOARD.

  2. I was expecting Ben to ask: "how's it spelt?" and for Jamie to answer: "F-L-O-U-R".

  3. That has turned into nachos than cheese and crackers and sorry guys that does nothing for me to make me go ‘I want that”, I think the only way to make it gourmet is the quality of the products used, some things just shouldn’t be messed with!

  4. Things seemed to be going so well before the "Plating" Train Wreck…

    Which seemed like it should have been done in a Parody sketch of "Gourmet" food, but with the lads dressed as Clowns.

  5. Anyone else upset that they mentioned the pigeon caper sauce being a "game changer" and no one mentioned the bad pun/dad joke?

  6. omg is this a play on the dessert that they do at Alinea in Chicago? Incredible!!

  7. Shouldn't Barry wear a hair net? Does he think he's Russel Brand or something. haha Love you guys.

  8. your production team is amazing and does great work always impressed with the amount of effort that goes into EVERY episode.

    One point of critique i might offer is when you do the two shot of them cooking use a steadycam or just tripod it cause it's a bit jarring the movement between the stiller shots (imo), because the other shots are just so much more steady.
    not sure if it was camera person or what's going on there but it needs stabalization at least or just do dolly shots as the two shot so you can pan around but it still be steady, i assume the guy is hand holding a camera here, it's not in every shot but occasionally it feels like someone is shaking my head back and forth 😛

  9. I think it's gourmet. Especially if they would have just presented it in a more traditional way.

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