How Does a Seed Company Work?

Grab some seeds: Today we venture out to Broomfield, Colorado to Botanical Interests to see how a seed company works from the inside out. Plus, an EPIC announcement at the end of the video!


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00:00 – Intro
00:16 – Botanical Interest Tour
00:58 – Receiving Area
07:10 – Seed Storage
07:29 – Cold Storage
08:44 – Art Department
10:23 – Art Vault
11:09 – Packet Dating
11:56 – Seed Packing Machines
14:36 – Picking Stations
17:06 – Announcement
19:12 – Taking Seed To Nursery


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25 Replies to “How Does a Seed Company Work?”

  1. We are incredibly honored and excited to carry on the legacy of Botanical Interests now that we've acquired the seed company! Curtis and Judy built an incredible brand and the most beautiful packets in the business. Thank YOU all for your support of Epic over the years…we couldn't have done it without you! Keep on growing, Kevin

  2. I have always known that seed sellers are some of the least scummy capitalists, and that they count each seed for expensive seeds makes me trust them more

  3. Congratulations!!! I also didn't know about the customed art on the packet! It makes it a lot more special knowing that now 😊

  4. Several times, more precious and expensive seed was mentioned. The bean shown specifically was Orient Wonder, but what other seeds are more expensive and rare at seed companies?

  5. Wow! Such an exciting new chapter in the Epic Gardening world. I'll have to check out those Botanical Interests seeds. 👍🏾

  6. I would be an international customer… if export regulatiojs are tooo strict, perhaps wall posters or a beautiful book of the artwork and instructions could be easier to ship.

  7. What an amazing story! From home gardener to YouTube star to business owner. Congrats man.

  8. I must say I am shocked too! We have these seeds here in Norfolk Nebraska at the Earl May garden center. I buy lots of seeds there but I also like to order. I love the boxes that they come in! I store my seeds in them. Good luck in the future. How about some collaborations with some one in the Midwest?

  9. Wow!!🎉 Congratulations!! What an amazing opportunity for you to buy this seed company. I love their seeds, now I will even more and will be sure to buy your seeds whenever possible instead of the others I’ve been buying from.🌸

  10. I bought from botanical interests for the 6 past years this is unbelievable good luck Kevin make red bell pepper seeds

  11. Thank you Kevin! This was such an awesome and educational video! The artwork looked very familiar. I looked at about half a dozen of my seed packets and they are from Botanical Interest, and I bought them at my local SF Bay Area Sprouts grocery store.

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