How Mediterranean Meal Prep will Transform Your Week

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In this edition of Meal Prep, Mike takes you on a journey through the undeniable freshness of the Mediterranean palette. Learn how to make the most incredible hummus, irresistible pickles, addictive pita bread, and many more dishes all at home.

00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Roasted Beet Dip
03:15 – Turnip Pickles
05:40 – Lamb Patties
08:17 – Fresh Pita Bread
11:05 – Tzatziki Yogurt Sauce
13:20 – Hummus
14:53 – Mediterranean Salad

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The complete breakdown and recipes for this video

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18 Replies to “How Mediterranean Meal Prep will Transform Your Week”

  1. Have you done Asian yet, I am particulary fond of Korean food and they do a lot of side dishes, would be fun to see some of those with easy to get ingredients, and they do lots of pickles 😀 I do love this series, looking forward to trying out these dishes

  2. Why do you measure out your ingredients in grams and not cups? I understand at least as a German how much you need without converting.👍 Btw i love your Videos

  3. La esencia fundamental de la comida mediterránea es sentarte con tu familia. Compartir ensalada, comer con pan del dia, y un plato de contundente que esté caliente.

  4. This is a bright idea saving lots of time and energy. Now I’m really hungry!

  5. Your recipes are amazing, as always 😍 I will do a vegetarian (and dairy free) version of this, with kidney bean patties and vegan joghurt/cheese

  6. Man this's not Mediterranean! I am.
    The closest you got was with the hummus. Not exactly the authentic way but good enough. The rest of it was nothing like what we do or even how we do it. Pita?
    As a fan, sorry but a big NO.

  7. Yummy!
    But, isnt the concept of meal prep is to prepare whole meals or dishes ahead of time so one does not have to cook?

  8. It’s amazing how far you can stretch just a few ingredients, you’re creativity as a chef is shining so brightly in this video.
    Keep it up! Tell your bro we said hi lol

  9. I use chicken shawarma as my protein.
    Thighs are cheap, stay juicy, and forgiving when cooking.

  10. Thought you like to pickle for at least 10 days at room temp? Direct to fridge or room temp to let ferment?

  11. The very last lunch you assembled would be something I would do… I usually only have 20 minutes to eat lunch so something super quick but satisfying like that is perfect for me. I love Greek cuisine but there are so many varied components that I find it challenging to meal prep, I like that chickpea salad you made, I think I may try that in the coming weeks!

  12. Totally excited to see the next chapter Mike. Love ur channel, energy, and that baby is a doll! Joy in every day. I love to entertain weekend guests but don’t want to be in the kitchen all the time. What’s a good weekend menu for 4 that starts with greeting weary Friday night travelers and ends on Sunday with a kick ass brunch?

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