How to Add Layers to a Tulip | Latte Art

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The cool thing about tulips is there are so many variations.In this next one, we’re just going to add another layer to it. Instead of doing one rippled base with a solid heart on top, we’ll do a rippled base with a rippled inside layer, with a solid heart on top. You can just keep doing this as much as you want, as long as you have room in the cup. So here’s the tulip with three layers. We’ll begin the first layer in the middle. Push the second one into it. Put a solid heart on top and draw through. That is the three-layered tulip.

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  1. Do you have to be really close to the cup for the designs to start showing? I'm just wondering why sometimes it takes me a while to get the milk to pop out from the coffee.

  2. What kind of milk do you use? Is there a recommended amount to put in the jug? Do you heat the milk to the full 60-65 degrees or less? How much do you stretch the milk? gah, wish I was there… so many questions…

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