How to Avoid Cell Phone Scratches

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Step 1: Measure and mark
Measure your screen with the ruler and use the marker to mark the width on the packing tape before you unroll the tape. Then add an inch to your height measurement and mark that on the tape.

Step 2: Cut
Cut the marked piece of tape as straight as possible. Peel it from the roll starting at the top, where the excess tape is marked.

Hold the tape by the excess inch. This prevents fingerprints and prevents the tape from getting hung up on anything.

Step 3: Soak
Submerge the piece of tape completely in a bowl of water with a few drops of dish soap and soak it for several seconds. Avoid making the water too sudsy.

Step 4: Place on phone
Make sure the tape and your hands are free from debris. Then, put a drop or two of water on your cell phone’s screen and apply the tape, sticky-side down, starting at the bottom. Center the tape on the screen.

Step 5: Squeegee
Remove excess water and air bubbles with the credit card, using it like a squeegee. Push from the bottom to the top. Then blot excess water from the screen with a tissue.

Step 6: Remove excess tape
Carefully cut off the excess tape at the top just below the faceplate surface.

Step 7: Avoid scratching back
Avoid scratching other parts of your cell phone by always placing it in a separate pocket from your keys and loose change, or in a separate compartment in your handbag.

Did You Know?
According to a 2009 poll, 94 percent of Americans under 45 have cell phones.

29 Replies to “How to Avoid Cell Phone Scratches”

  1. Or you could just get a case and a screen protector. It’s a heck of a lot easier, and it might just be cheaper too, not to mention more durable. After all, I highly doubt packing tape provides any protection at a level 4, let alone 9H stuff.

  2. Haha I'm watching 8 years later, you see we have these new things called smart phones and they're really easy to scratch…

  3. I wonder if this guy realizes he's putting a "Ghetto Rigged" screen protector on a flip phone. I don't know about you, but I when I had a flip phone way back when, I tried to avoid putting my flip phone in my pocket when it was flipped open. Also, the flip phone works as a screen protector when flipped closed.

  4. Bhai kya screen guard banaya a ha superb I have subscribed ur channel and liked ur video

  5. Now my cell phone is stuck to my pocket.. U forgot to tell us not to use double sided .

  6. @Howcast
    I did this and it works to my absolute suprise, thank you! Although, how do you remove it; can you do a video?

  7. It's real! I did it on nokia lumia 1320 and the touch screen feels/moves like there's nothing on it! Good tutorial!

  8. Hey guys. Nice vid clip.

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