How to Avoid Getting Called On in Class

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If you find yourself unprepared for class, take these steps to keep the attention away from you.

Step 1: Sit in the back
Sit in the back of the classroom, preferably behind someone who consistently engages in classroom discussions.

Step 2: Look confident
Sit tall and look as if you are thinking about the question while wearing a confused look on your face.

Avoid looking down, which could attract the teacher’s attention and increase your chances of being called on.

Step 3: Be alert
Be alert and pay attention. Do not stare out the window, pick at your nails, or doodle.

Step 4: Look through your notes
Look through your notes as if you’re trying to search for a forgotten answer.

Step 5: Raise your hand
Raise your hand, and when called on, ask the teacher if you can be excused to use the lavatory.

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27 Replies to “How to Avoid Getting Called On in Class”

  1. I mean you could just say "Sorry, I don't know the answer" when the teacher calls on you. Nothing bad has ever happened to me doing that.

  2. I tried showing too much attention but I still get called on. I tried not paying attention I still get called on. I try hiding behind my classmate's back but still get called on. I tried raising my hand a lot (idk why i did it) and obviously i got called on. I tried looking busy, like writing but i still get called on. At this point I gotta leave this country no, this world. I have to live on mars now

  3. I always try to imagine that I'm the teacher standing up in the front of the room. Sometimes helps me in a pinch if I don't wanna do a question

  4. I can’t help it my teachers always pick on me except from maths because maths is easy. ????

    But science , English and Spanish. ????????

  5. Like me I barley answer questions so the hand raise thing doesn't work for me they will call on me when I raise my hand because I never really answer questions I'd suggest dont make eye contact they will then call on you it works for me

  6. Step one: get homeschooled
    Step two: there is no step two
    Step three: why am I even making this video if there’s only one step

  7. How to not get called on in class:
    Answer a question once (preferably an easy one) to make the teacher think you are paying attention and if you really wanna get avoided answer 2 questions

  8. I hate it when that happens!!!!! Like today my maths teacher picked on me to talk through a maths question and i get really embarressed and red. Especially when i have to work it out in my head and fast. Also i have social anxiety so thats great. ????????????????????????????

  9. How I avoid from my teachers calling me, always look down, as if you’re shoes feel like there’s something inside of it, sit at the front the teacher actually pay attention to those in the back if you’re class are class clowns. (for me lol) Something else you can do is pretend you’re itchy for me I have bangs so it’ll be easy. I never get called on unless I raised my hand. (extremely bored , when you go back to school, I guarantee this will work) 🙂

  10. Here's a little tip, don't make eye contact with the teacher you'll get there attention, when they say something like "oh who have I not heard from yet" pretend like your doing something like taking notes or looking in your bag to get something, this will work most of the time or when they ask an easy question raise you're hand and answer, they will leave you alone

  11. As a former teacher, I'd say only #4 works. #1-3 would make me MORE likely to call on you. If you're sitting behind someone who's participating, I'm MORE likely to look in your direction.

  12. my teacher is picking students at random to share their homework assignment and i CANNOT talk infront of the class (last time i did i stuttered so much the teacher just to stop) so im watching so many vids of how not to get called on

  13. Alot of times I like geting called on in class cause I want answer qustion and other times I dont like geting called on like not paying attchen or dont know whut to do to answer qustion or solve it and most times I dont want answer it but if I get called on then ill answer it

  14. My french teacher always calls on me no matter what and I haven't done french before and I'm behind the class yet she still makes me come to the front even though I have no idea what the answer is and it's embarrassing

  15. My science teacher has targeted me. I can't ever do anything to not get picked up ????

  16. Can you do a video of how to avoid a teacher asking you what you did this weekend when you do not like to say what you did this weekend.

  17. I don't raise my hand in any class, so if I raise my hand the teacher is for SURE is going to call on me.

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