How to Install a Short Chambered Barrel Presented by Larry Potterfield | MidwayUSA Gunsmithing

Installing a new barrel on a Remington 700 is a lot easier than it used to be. Using a pre-threaded and short chambered barrel by Shilen, this job is easily accomplished by hand using only an action wrench, barrel vise, finish reamer, T-handle, and some headspace gages. Watch along as Larry Potterfield, Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA, installs the barrel and lengthens the chamber to final dimension.

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29 Replies to “How to Install a Short Chambered Barrel Presented by Larry Potterfield | MidwayUSA Gunsmithing”

  1. Soooooo if you happen to ream too much I guess you hack saw the threads to shorten the barrel chamber until your “no-go” gauge works huh…????

  2. He still has that crappy jungle tunes drowning out what he is trying to say?
    The problem is none of his employees have the balls to tel him the truth!

  3. Okay, so when installing the barrel for the final time, do you do ANYTHING to the threads? Oil them? Grease them? Anti-sneeze them? Lock tight them!? (These are jokes)

    Considering i dont see anything in my searching about doing anything to them, i assume you want to install the threads “dry” with nothing on them, and that “extra 1/8th turn” is the final torque factor. Very simple info i cant seem to find online at all. I know i may not get an answer, but its something im trying to figure out for reinstalling my winchester 1906 pump .22 rifle barrel. (Barrel was crooked, and is also shot out. But figured id get it back on straight till im ready to put on either a new barrel and sleeve the current one.)

  4. Helpful video, thanks for the time and effort. I liked the music, kind of breaks up the dead air space between necessary commentary.

  5. Love the videos Larry. As for the music, I dont mind, its a nice change from the typical 'Five Flavored Fruit Punch' or some other band like, 'Perturbed', like in all the other videos.

  6. All you people don't get the music is there because these vids are part of the Safari Gun build.

  7. Another video with that extremely annoying background music? WTF are you thinking? And it gets more annoying every time I watch this otherwise-good video.

  8. Is this a normal thing, why would you wind up with a short chamber in the first place?

  9. That looks surprisingly easy, like too easy. Is it more work to change caliber while doing this?, or about the same amount and ease of work? Say going from .30-06 to 7mm Rem Mag or .300 Win Mag. I know the Savage 10/110 actions are easy to swap around but I always assumed the Rem 700 to be much more difficult for some reason. Is there a safety Hazzard or danger to not getting everything absolutely dead-on right when doing things?, or is the worst thing just a sloppy action or piss poor accuracy? Thanks! Btw, I LOVE these vids from Larry and Midway! ????

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