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Filling in your eyebrows can be kind of tricky so here are some tips on how to do it properly. First, when you’re filling in your brows, you want to examine them and see what shape you’re going to be making. So, I like to say, take a little pencil, line it up at this crease of the nose here; that’s where your brow should start; perfect.

Take this, take it directly through the pupil of the eye; this is about where her brow should peak, so I’m going to make a little mark there. And we’re going to take this, the bottom of her nose to the side of her eye, and that’s where it will end. And so her brows are pretty good; we’re just going to add a little more of a peak over here. Also, once we’re shaping them, you want to make sure they are symmetrical. We’re going to go ahead; you can either use pencil, brow powder, tinted brow gel; there are a lot of options. This one is an Anastasia brow pencil, so we’re going to go ahead and do this.

Basically, what I’m doing is adding little strokes as if you’re placing hairs where there aren’t enough. There we go; I’m just kind of doing these tiny little strokes. You don’t want to think about going back and forth or making a specific shape of the brow; I’m just kind of filling it in as we go. I am making this part a little cleaner over here. We’re going to do this crease up here. Mattie has pretty full brows so we’re not going to be doing too much. We’re just giving a little more shape; it really makes a big difference with the eyes. One thing, even if I have no eye makeup on, I’ll still fill in my brows if I’m going out because it really does make a big difference.

You don’t have to do this but I’m going to go over with a little bit of powder just to show you what it would look like. I’m using kind of a dark brown shade; make sure that you find something that does match your brows. I’d say go either slightly lighter, because when you’re concentrating it, it’s going to come out looking a little bit deeper and you don’t want your brows to be these large objects on your face. So make sure that it’s not too dark. Next, like I was saying, we’re going to take the other end of my brow pencil, it has a little spoolie, and what we’re going to do is brush upwards first; this is just getting the hairs all going in the same direction. And, by brushing, it also blends the pencil or powder or whatever you just put on.

If you don’t have a brow pencil with one of these on the end, you can find some really cheap, clean mascara wands and they’ll do the same thing. Or there are even brow brushes that you can purchase. So now that it’s all going upward, I’m going to take my brush on the top, kind of blend it down so they’re all going the same way. One last thing that you can do to make your brows look nice and clean is actually highlight them. The one that I have is by Anastasia and it has a shimmer end and a matte end; I’m going to use the matte end.

We’re just kind of outlining right around what we just did. And if you don’t have one of these, you can even just use concealer or something that’s slightly lighter than your natural shade because, what we’re going to do once we’re done lining, is blend it out. This just makes your brows look a little cleaner and, if you haven’t gotten a chance to tweeze or get them waxed or threaded in a little while, it kind of hides that.

I know it looks crazy right now. I’m going to get a concealer brush and blend that out. So here we go; just blend it downward and it just cleans up the line that we have. You don’t necessarily have to highlight around the brow but it’s something nice if you want a little more precise look. Kind of blend outwards; you can even do a little bit right here just to clean that up. All right. And that is how to fill in your brows.

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  1. you can also add more depth by using a fine straight brush and drawing hair strokes next to the dark hairs you create. you'll love it!

  2. Im watching this in 2016 and the difference of the tutorials now and this is major ????

  3. What's the point when the girl already has a mountain of eyebrows? wth does she need to fill them in for? Grab a model with thin eyebrows or gtfo. Geez you're horrible…

    And I thought putting concealer on the bottom and top of your brows was a no-no..

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