How to Contour Your Heart Shaped Face | Sephora

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Watch this video to learn how to identify your face shape to contour:

Products used:
COVER FX Contour Kit
SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Angled Contour Brush #75
SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Precision Foundation Brush #58
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Flawless Powder Brush #40

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23 Replies to “How to Contour Your Heart Shaped Face | Sephora”

  1. Is it just me or does she look better in the first pic? All that brown contour makes her look "dirty" and more masculine/angular. Not for me!

  2. I wish I had heart shaped face…it is the most perfect face shape out there. I hate my pear shaped face

  3. He didn’t blend it all the way out but then again this was 6 years ago blending wasn’t happening for a lot of people???????? 2015-2016 was the height of unblended contours

  4. I think something got lost in te before/after picture because my first thought was also that te before looked better. Seeing her moving and making expressions though I see what they were going for more now.

  5. I wish he would have explained why to highlight here and why to contour here…. Since we don’t all have her exact face.

  6. Are you kidding? Her before picture was so beautiful. After pic looks patchy like uneven tan going on, silly

  7. Tbh before looked WAY more pretty… it’s natural and the shape with the hairstyle is genuinely stunning.

  8. I try different contouring technique , I still don’t know what is the best for me . But this girl she looked way better before the contouring . Help us heart shape faces

  9. The “After” in the thumbnail just makes her look like a dirty baby. Also ageing. Idk leave her fresh faced or tone it way down

  10. I have a heart face and find I look better with soft well blended contour on my nose and cheeks. Then lightly contour the sides of my forehead. Blend blend blend. My skin is light warm toned but I have blue eyes and dark blonde hair.

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