How to Cook a Steak – Mark Bittman | The New York Times

Mark Bittman is joined by Jake Dickson of Dickson’s Farmstand Meats in Chelsea Market to demonstrate how to properly cook a steak.

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How to Cook a Steak – Mark Bittman

26 Replies to “How to Cook a Steak – Mark Bittman | The New York Times”

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  2. Annoyingly they didn't mention whether they leave the head on hi after the steak goes in or not. Bittmans recipes always say turn the head down to medium after the heating on hi once the steak goes in. Bad editing!

  3. Best way to cook a steak is to use a thick-cut steak (about an inch (3cm) thick ) and use an iron skillet (or a frying pan with a thick bottom).

    You will need the following ingredients,
    1./ 1 inch (3 cm) sirloin steak
    2./ 50g "sea" salt butter
    3./ 2 clove of garlic,
    4./ 1 branch of fresh thyme (or 1/3 teaspoon of dried thyme – avoid dry thyme if you can), paper and sea salt.
    5./ 2 teaspoon of "sea" salt

    You will also need the following,
    1./ 1 iron skillet or a frying pan with a thick bottom (the thick base/bottom will hold on to the heat much longer)
    2./ 1 Egg frying pan
    3./ A watch or timer to count sec

    Steps are below are for 1-inch sirloin steak with a nice streak of fat on one side,
    1./ Season the steak with "sea" salt and paper on all sides including the streak of fat. Leave it on a plate for 30 min for the salt to get into the steak and for the steak to reach room temperature.
    2./ Melt 50 g salted butter on the egg frying pan over low heat. And then add garlic and thyme – remember to use low heat.
    3./ Preheat iron skillet on gas mark 6 (or electric 225C / 440F)
    4./ Put the seasoned steak on the preheated iron skillet. Using the watch, rotate steak on both sides in 15sec intervals until 6-7min (or the surface is dark brown).
    5./ Place the steak on its streak of fat side and "render" the fat out for 2-3 min.
    6./ Take the iron skillet off the heat and then pour the melted garlic-thyme infused butter over the steak. Baste the steak with butter on both sides 30 sec interval until 1-2min.
    7./ Finally, take the steak out of the skillet and let it rest on a serving plate for 10-12min. DO NOT TOUCH.

    1./ Turn on the TV
    2./ Get yourself a glass wine and
    3./ Enjoy the moment

  4. So funny how he condescends to home cooks for not getting pan hot enough, only to completely ruin his own steaks. And then he pretends like they're great, again, assuming his audience is too stupid to know better.

  5. This the second dumbest cooking video I've seen. My number one is from a "chef" he was cutting a flank steak and he said again the grain but he cut it with the grain.

  6. I love a good steak and I've cooked them in restaurants repeatedly. But these looked 'Damaged' to me. Not at all appealing.

    A pan that hot leaves no room for finesse, care whilst cooking or flavour checks. I'm sure that all you're doing is hoping that the meat is good enough to take such an assault. Everyone is different I guess.

  7. obviously if you're gonna use cast iron at this high of a temp you wanna do this on your side burner of your outdoor grill…unless you want to repaint your kitchen or wipe it down with PineSol.   Huge amounts of smoke cooking like this.

  8. Dear Mark Bittman, Keep your videos to yourself… youre polluting youtube.
    Regards Everyone

  9. This video should be named "how to brown the outside of a steak". The inside is still completely raw.

  10. Lol! I just made my first steak and that happened to me…I had to run back and fourth fanning the Alarm and checking on the steak.

  11. The meat fibres contracts when it hits the pan.. Cutting it straight away causes the fibres to release all of its juices. Which is why resting is important. This man told no lies!

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