How to Declutter (Minimalism Back to Basics Series)

Today we’ll talk about: How to declutter, the 3 B’s to always have with you, the best place to start decluttering, key questions to ask yourself when decluttering, plus decluttering FAQ. Find the free printable here:

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We have a few ways that we can come alongside you:


This takes place in a private Facebook group. Here’s what you can expect:
– 5-10 minute videos each weekday with guided decluttering tasks
– monthly themes, weekly challenges
– 1 hour live guided decluttering sessions twice a month for accountability
– encouragement & support from other members
– cost is $11/month

This is ideal if you’re looking for more motivation & accountability.

To learn more and to sign up, visit here:


This workbook is designed to walk you through decluttering each area of your home in 15 minute lessons.

– 168 full color pages
– easy to follow lessons designed for limited time & energy
– our key concepts (like inventory, the silent to-do list, the endowment effect & more) are spread throughout the book, too

Ideal for those looking for a self-paced guidebook to declutter their home quickly & efficiently.

The workbooks are $20 (digital or spiral bound)
Shipping: $4 flat rate domestic US

Find more details here:


Declutter Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day course:

In the Declutter Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day course we go through the workbook, breaking down specific areas of your home in detail to be able to declutter faster and with more confidence. If you want to know specifics (like how many of each thing to keep) this course is for you.


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18 Replies to “How to Declutter (Minimalism Back to Basics Series)”

  1. We’ve already decluttered but I’m always looking for inspiration to get rid of things on that “silent to do list”. ????

  2. This series is exactly what I need right now – thank you so much <3 (and you look so really really beautiful here!)

  3. Thank you Dawn! I LOVE your videos! I can relate to everything you say! I have learned so much. I watch your videos over and over while I clean and declutter. I headed to the donation center to drop off several bags and boxes; came home and there was a new video! ❤

  4. Did I see Dawn put the chopper back in her cabinet after saying they don't use it?

  5. Dawn, I am using onion method too. It is less rolling on my emotional and mental health.

  6. Thank you! I got so much value out of this video. The practical steps and solid info was very helpful. I find that lately, some of my other favourite YouTubers have been doing what they're doing for so long that they seem to be going through the motions (trends) with their content, seemingly forgetting why people followed in the first place! I get it, this is their livelihood but thank you for going back to basics and creating content for this life-long clutterbug who appreciates the motivation, inspiration and easy steps to declutter. ????

  7. Dawn i have learned so much from you and i totally thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has gotten so much easier to let stuff go . Before i started this journey i would have never let my fabric and so much more go. It feels so good. I love you and your Family. One day i would love to meet you.

  8. I’ve been on a regular bing watch of Dawn’s videos and I’m thankful for a new one to continue to help with the decluttering of my home. Thank you Dawn!

  9. Thanks Dawn you are such a positive influence. We appreciate your hard work. I've read the books you recommend too. You're one of my best friends ???? God bless you!!!

  10. Just declutter a little yesterday and straightened today. Just five minutes here and there really change a space.

  11. So funny how people use different items. I don’t think I’ve ever used my bunt pan but I use my food chopper a couple times a week

  12. I would be interested to hear what you have to say about books that you're deciding what to keep for grandkids. We're a big book family & prefer hard copies. Plus, good children's/YA books are very lacking these days. Lots of junk out there!

  13. I had one of those “hide everything in the master bedroom because company is coming” weekends! Ahh ???? The house looks great but my bedroom is chaos! Ahhh Love you Dawn! Thanks for all your help!

  14. I have started decluttering again. It feels good to get stuff out of our house. I enjoy your videos.

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