24 Replies to “How to deflate a foil balloon”

  1. thank u for mentioning the length of the valve inside the balloon my best friend and i were fighting for our lives trying to get the air out of these things 😭 the straw was way too short

  2. we are fast moving to creating a new first world problem by changing all straws to paper, makes this problematic

  3. For anyone struggling with "hello" cursive balloon or big numbered balloons, you need a much longer straw than the one it comes with. Such a difference night and day!

  4. Thanks a lot🀧❀️ I was trying with a small pipe and it was not happening as no one told me to do it with a long one

  5. If your straw is too thick/wide to shove in, you can cut a small portion out of it lengthwise so it curls in on itself and it goes in easy peasy

  6. I didn't have a long straw but I pushed the stock one as far in as possible and pushed the part of the balloon where it entered into the balloon itself and this worked!

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  8. Kyu nhi ho rha🀦🏻🀦🏻🀦🏻🀦🏻🀦🏻🀦🏻🀦🏻

  9. celebrated my birthday last nov 2020 its now april 2021 and they are still inflated hahahaha

  10. thank u so muuch, no one explained that u need a long straw, i was using the one that was in the package at the beginning and it didnt workTT
    they were in my wardrobe for about a month:,)
    thank u so much agaiin>_<

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