How To… Build A Rain Gauge – The Great British Weather – BBC One

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Great British Weather meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker, shows how you can monitor precipitation where you live by making a raingauge using everyday items.

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16 Replies to “How To… Build A Rain Gauge – The Great British Weather – BBC One”

  1. Is there any home made rain gauge ideas that can give unmonitored hour (or less, if possible every 15 minutes) wise rain measurements?

  2. this is so helpful and i got 3 in a half water in mine tysm i love this vid i watched it for my english project in school

  3. Does anyone know if this would work with homemade play dough instead of modelling clay? Iā€™m a little worried it might start to absorb the water but it would be more cost effective for me

  4. The measurements will be all over the place because the bottles people use will be different sizes…

  5. i don't get it !!!
    what if i have a plastic bottle with different diameter. And how long should i leave it under the rain?

  6. My science teacher is making us do little project newsletter like thus

  7. YAY! It's Tomasz Schafernaker pointing out the fuckin obvious! "Remember to tip out the water" [face palm] SHIT YEAH! I was just gonna keep measuring from the previous load of fuckin water. Thanks Tomasz Schafernaker, thanks!

  8. I moved to the UK from Australia not because of this awesome weather but because it's close mainland Europe so i can travel around Europe :D.

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