How To Download Music On iPhone Without Computer

How To Download Music On iPhone Without Computer

Downloading music on the iPhone is such a pain especially if you’re trying to use the music for your videos that you are editing on your phone. But I’ve found 2 ways to download music to your iPhone without using your computer or your laptop! In this episode I show you how easy it is to download music to your iPhone without having to leave your phone so you can use the music on for editing your videos on your iPhone.

Gear I use:
iPhone Xs Max:
iPhone X:
Moment Wide Lens:
Moment Telephoto Lens:
Snap Spectacles 2:

Shure MV88 lightning mic:
Rode Video Micro:
Rode SmartLav+ for smartphones:
Rode video mic pro:

Mounts and tripods:
DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal:
Ulanzi iPhone Tripod Mount with cold shoe:
Joby Gorrillapod:
Joby Griptight Telepod:
Joby Mobile Rig:
Manfrotto tripod:
Sandisk iXpand Drive:

Audioblocks =


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  1. You could do these extremely convoluted techniques or just open safari and navigate to then type in whatever audio u want and it will automatically remive the video if it had one and give you a download link where then you would download the file to you download folder. You would be able to play back the files from the 'files' app but still doesnt really solve the problen most ppl are here for which is how to sync music files in to the music app without itunes or a pc

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I love you soooo much!!! I could NOT find any way to save a song! Thank you!!!

  3. Love how I can save music to iCloud and play it from there but not my itunes. It's not enough frustration for me to get an android but you'd think they would fix that with ipados

  4. Learnt something. New .. actually screen saved 2 fav songs for test n it was saved on my gallery

  5. Is there any possible way , to move song from files to iTunes music app?????

  6. please tell me how to safe from strike community guidelines by putting affiliate links on discription

  7. Too much tech am to lazy to do this never mind I’ll just have the boating ringtones

  8. Screen recording… why didn’t I think of that??
    Thank you so much for your info, very helpful 👍🏼

  9. Hi just wondering if the documents app is still in the App store??.
    As I can't seem to find it on there unless the app icon has changed??.
    Could you please let me know and keep up the great videos.

  10. I have a Screen Recorder called… DU. But recording an Audio from a website is super cool!

  11. These are have to go to make my channel famous…
    By the way if I hit 2K subscribers,I will do a shoutout

  12. Thank you for posting so many useful videos! There is another way, using the “Download File” shortcut in Apple’s Shortcuts app (iOS 12). The Shortcuts app has many useful features for videographers, like the ability to convert multiple videos to HEVC with just one tap.

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  17. Did this make sense? Did you know about the whole screen record thing?

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