How to Draw a Rose Old School Tattoo Style

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This is a step by step tutorial of how to draw a Rose in the Old School tattoo style. This type of rose can be used in just about any design. This is part one and its of a more basic rose, another video will be coming soon that will show some more advance techniques and show you how to create your own original styles

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20 Replies to “How to Draw a Rose Old School Tattoo Style”

  1. This video was the shit mate cheers to the flick helped out a bundle I was able to design so much better from this video

  2. my dream is to be a tattoo artist. im decent enough at art but im trying to learn to draw the traditional tattoo style. u make it look easy. guess ill just keep watching ur vids and looking at different tattoo art.

  3. Hey man absolutely love watching and learning great work keep it up u inspire me to become a tatto artist

  4. Hi im 24 and want to learn how to draw and learn tattooing, got any tips? most of your designs and tutorials i can complete where the images are pretty decent for a first try, but when i try to draw something like a koi without an sample or tutorial. its really bad. any tips for me . thank you sir, great art, you are a really great artist.

  5. great vid budd, i got one question though. i see different artist using different markers. I see them using copic markers or tria markers. Is this just a personal preff thing? or does it actually make a big difference in your flash?

  6. all of these videos are new school though, nothing old school about the colours, shading, design etc…it's just the motives are oldschool.

  7. Muito legal da sua parte, compartilhar seu conhecimento, pena que não falo inglês para entender suas explicações!
    mas já fiz 4 desenhos, da sua aula, obrigado, se um dia vir ao brasil, vamos tomar uma cerveja, eu pago rs..

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