How to groom a horse

This video takes you through all the steps of grooming a horse. It’s meant to help beginning riders who may not have much experience in working with horses.

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  1. I go to horseback riding lessons and I just use the curry comb and the hard brush! we call it the bristle brush

  2. Hey I just wanted to let you know that your channel helps mW out so much and I really enjoy watching your videos.

  3. im 12 and i need help your mother love horsesΒ 
    mum dose not like horses so i cant have one πŸ™ when i LOVE!!!!! them! /o/!

  4. you didn't clean out noahs hooves or is that because you have a seprate wideo and we might not be able to see it xxxxxx

  5. My daughter is getting a horse next February, and we're going to house him at my brother's plot. She will see him every day for two weeks, and then every second day for four weeks. Then she will only see him on Wednesdays, some Thursdays, Fridays, and then some Sundays. She is scared that the horse won't think that she is his owner, because my brother's wife has 5 horses, and is going to feed him more then Natasja (my daughter). What can she do to ensure that he will know that she is the owner?

  6. actually, the curry you used is a fine tooth curry which are extremely soft and made to use on the more sensitive areas such as the legs, unless of course you have an overly sensitive skinned horse, but even then the fine tooth curries are extremely soft. I also find it more useful to use the harder, cone-toothed curries on the body just because they get more deeply into the coat. I see you know what you're doing and you have your own technique, I was just trying to help others that may be reading the comments. great video though!

  7. Hi Ali!
    I am going to my first pony day at my stable.
    What should I bring to eat?
    Can you please do a video on different ways to plait a horses mane please?

  8. It's funny cuz someone I kno said that thou only use a dandy brush for legs….is she right or the video

  9. @thefunnyface12 I don think she would sell him at all they have been together for years

  10. No those are bell boots. They are put on a horse to keep them from clipping their front feet with their hind feet when they walk.

  11. have you painted your horses hooves? if you have what product did you use and where did you get it from?

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