Natural PEST CONTROL | Low-Cost Tricks for Vegetable Garden Success

Get my exclusive NordVPN deal here: to keep your digital devices pest-free🌱 It’s risk-free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee! I hope you find these tips useful and for new gardeners especially, see it as a crash-course introduction to pest control and pest prevention. These tips are all 100% natural, low-cost, and easy to apply in your own vegetable garden. Thank you so much for watching!

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15 Replies to “Natural PEST CONTROL | Low-Cost Tricks for Vegetable Garden Success”

  1. My beets leaves are eaten by slugs and snails while the parsley and dill are decimated by aphids

  2. Awww but the Flea beatles like you look at the holes they made… Some are Heart Shaped 💕😍🤣

  3. I think maybe you intended to link a video at the end about 7 ways to make healthy soil?

  4. That was awesome, you briefly plugged in Mark's channel. Great info, I really enjoyed this video.

  5. Dude! That transition from the slug fence to the vpn and pest/ hackers. Smooth!

  6. The garden is looking fabulous Huw.
    Local conditions vary too. For instance I’m in southern Australia and my Garlic got hammered by aphids/black fly last year, also red spider mite devastate Beans and Cucumbers in my garden.
    I also avoid certain pest issues with TIMING. I can’t grow early Beans or Cucumbers because of spider mite but they are not affected if planted later in the season. Same with Brassicas and Cabbage Butterfly, I plant in the cool season when the butterflies are dormant and avoid the Spring/Summer.

  7. For strawberry protection I paint rocks to look like strawberries, then set them put a week or so before the first berries get ripe. Birds peck at them and figure it out right away. Keeps them almost entirely out of the crop.

  8. I dig a shallow dish into my garden so it’s close to soil level, I fill it with water and dissolve a teaspoon of dried yeast in it. The nest morning it’s half full of slugs. I tried this because I didn’t want to waste beer so thought I’d try the yeast and it works

  9. What natural soap do you recommend against aphids? My cucumbers are full of them 😞

  10. Lmao! Oh Hew, was a little sad at having to listen to a commercial, until you flipped the hacker the bird. Totally unexpected and prompted a solid LOL!
    Thanks for the info AND the laughs!

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