How To Grow Aquatic Plants in Aquarium (2 Months Update) Amazing Diy Aquascape For Betta Fishs #131

Amazing Diy Aquascape For Betta Fish | How To Grow Aquatic Plants in Aquarium No Co2, Have Filter
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In this video we show you how to grow aquatic plants in a green aquarium
Step 1: Spread the floor according to the desired layout
Step 2: Water the Moist
Step 3: Allocate real seeds evenly on the substrate
Step 4: Moisturizing + turn on the lights 8 hours a day
seeds sprout after 3 days
Wait another 14 days to add water
Good luck!
Link Buy Aquatic Seeds:
Refer to aquarium materials:
1. Aquarium Tank:
– Aquarium 4.6 Gallon:
– Aquarium 5.4 Gallon:
– Aquarium Cube 7.1 Gallon:
– Aquarium 9.6 Gallon:
– Aquarium 17.1 Gallon:
2. Aquatic substrate:
– Aqua Soil Normal Type:
– Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum:
3. Aquarium Filter:
– Fish Tank Filter:
– Filter overflow:
– Matrix, High Capacity Biofiltration 2 L / 67.6 oz.(2-Pack):
4. Aquarium Lighting:
– LED 24-84 inch :
– USA LED Light :
5. Aquarium Heater 100W/150W/200W/300W:
6. Aquarium Thermometer:
7. 4 IN 1 Tools Cleaning Kit for Fish Tank Starter: or
8. Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System:
This video was shot with:
– Camera Canon 77D:
– Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens:

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21 Replies to “How To Grow Aquatic Plants in Aquarium (2 Months Update) Amazing Diy Aquascape For Betta Fishs #131”

  1. Malli bonsai tree kohenda thiyanna godak ganmda kiyanna taggaala malli

  2. Great tank! Are plants dosed by fertilizers? I just did my tank. This was my inspo.

  3. hi. nice design. I want create something similar for my nano tank. are that small leaves or bigger of Glossostigma elatinoides ? thanks

  4. Anh ơi hồ này có cần dùng lọc và sủi CO2 ko ạ? mong đc phản hồi của a

  5. What kind of seeds do you use? I was reading the previous comments and asked the same question, but the link that you provided from Amazon does not exist…

  6. New sub here! Thanks for giving us new & beautiful ideas… plus your improvement from your previous videos keep us coming back, cause we know you listen to other's good ideas, thus helping is to learn also… keep it up! 🥰

  7. these seends are scam.. I've tried using seeds before after 3 months some of the plants root aways… a fee months later the surviving plants grew tall.. they are not really trye carpeting plants..

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