How To Make Homemade "Latex". Como Fazer Latex Caseiro.

Details at Fauxtex is a non-toxic, disposable, biodegradable homemade alternative to latex for making special effects makeup & prosthetics. Fauxtex é um alternativo caseiro para maquiagem tipo latex.
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24 Replies to “How To Make Homemade "Latex". Como Fazer Latex Caseiro.”

  1. Do you have a more permanent solution like say one that can be used to make a mask

  2. Thank you for sharing this info… just have one question, can i put color to it ?

  3. Eu consigo fazer aquela boca cortada com esse latex caseiro? Colocando o latex e pedaços de papel?

  4. Hello
    This is so great ! Thank you for the recipe I will try it, but I have a question : can you tell us the approximate weight of each ingrédient please ? Because I don't know what 1 cup means, for exemple for the water and 1/4c for the tapioca. Thank you very much 🙂


  6. Does this have a nasty smell? Ever SFX gelatin recipe I have come across uses mostly plain gelatin and the smell is so gross and strong.

  7. I was wondering if you done the ear piece if it could be water proof?

  8. Hi! I hope you still see this. I'm trying to make fauxtex and everything seems to go fine, but when I try applying it (both with warm liquid fauxtex or without any extra fauxtex), it kind of just falls off or the pieces I try to apply become less solid and just slide down.

  9. How well does this hold up to heat and sweat, for instance underneath gloves for extended periods of time?

  10. Heey, What recipe should I use when I want to make The Chelsea Smile, I saw a tutorial and she uses 3rd degree can I make that with one of the recipes?? <3

  11. posso usar ele líquido para colar pelos no rosto? ou não tem como… obg adorei a receita

  12. Essa receita serve para colar coisa, ou passa por cima de masa magica ?

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