How to Increase Your Search Traffic by 58% in 30 Days

My search traffic went from 283,000 visitors a month in December 2016 to 449,000 visitors in January 2017.
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You are probably wondering how I grew my search traffic significantly.

Did Google make a major algorithm change? No. Did I build more links? No.

The only thing I did was adjust my URL structure. My URL structure used to be:

It’s now…

That one change increased my search traffic by roughly 58%. The reason being is Google is now seeing my blog posts in relation to my domain and blog instead of a specific date.

The posts I write are evergreen, so there is no reason to have dates in my URL structure.

Now if you make this change, there are a few things you need to know:

1. You also have to update your internal links. You can’t just change your URL structure without changing your internal links.
2. You need to 301 redirect your old URLs to your new URLs.
3. You have to update all of these changes at once.

If you are building a site from scratch, don’t make the same mistake I made. Have clean URLs, and don’t have too many sub-folders.

That’s all you need to do to get a 58% increase in website traffic in 30-days.

Have you used 301 redirects for 404 error webpages?

Maybe you used a different url structure or something completely different to get more visitors to your website?

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28 Replies to “How to Increase Your Search Traffic by 58% in 30 Days”

  1. If I become the hacker the first thing I do is hacking this channel to increase the subscribe count to millions a great channel helps very beginners to achieve their passion as blogger or marketer in common thanks to Neil Patel and to his team editors script writers every one

  2. Dear Neil Patel, May God bless you with a long living happy life. You will maintain a good melody in your speech.

  3. I am your fan <3
    One day i will stand next to you as the next Biggest Marketer <3
    Thanks for sharing useful knowledge

  4. Hey Neil, i really love your videos that helps a lot to improve blogging.
    I agree with you, but it takes lot of time to redirect my all post pages.
    Do you recommend any plugin so that i can redirect every link in one click?

  5. My site is new … I changed my url and keyword density and i jumped from 85th position to 43rd …
    P.s I got 85th position in 8 months and the journey from 85th to 43rd took only 15 days

  6. This is something very interesting. I'm gonna apply it in my client website. Thanks sir.

  7. Neil, it's a great experience.

    But, can I make it myself? where Can I read about it?


  8. hi Neil, i want to start a blog on relationship, including parents and all about relationship, could you plz guide me how i i could pursue..because i m totally newbie ….so far m just learning the basics by listening to yout videos and reading your and other blog

  9. OK sir I understand that. so how can I use Facebook for getting traffic for my blog tell me your best method. because I am a Neil Patel smart user😉

  10. Sir I don't use facebook or any other social network. so is there any effect on my blog or not. because I want to earn organic traffic in future as soon as possible. tell me please…

  11. But what if your blog posts are about something that the year may be important. Because I currently have my URLs as /year/nameofmovie because I blog about movies. Every now and again movies have the same title but are released in different year, so the year listed in the URL can differentiate similar movies. What would you suggest in a case like this? Thanks for sharing Neil!

  12. sir please, can you make a video on how to create a quality post step by step? it's a request..

  13. Great Neil. I recently took your advice for improving CTR% for 5 random keywords. Is it normal for the positions to decline at first? I made the changes 2 weeks ago by improving title tags and meta descr but it has actually decreased positions + CTR%?

  14. Neil don't get me wrong but, should I clone you custom blog theme and use for myself I really like it

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