How to install a USB outlet in your car // Lotus Elise

Hmm, I wonder if the new Lotus Emira still comes with an old fashioned cigarette lighter outlet? Not that anyone would smoke in a car like that. Hopefully, it comes with USB ports instead like I’ll show you how to install in this video. This is a direct replacement for the cigarette outlet and brings your car into the modern era.

LotusTalk thread with instructions:

USB outlet receptacle:
Spade connectors:

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3 Replies to “How to install a USB outlet in your car // Lotus Elise”

  1. thanks for the video. this is the first mod on my elise and was good to know which USB outlet to get with the button

  2. the cigar lighter is connected to Batt + correct? It's always powered on, no? Does your new USB port drains battery when the car is off?

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