How to make a Blade Baits (using aluminum plate). アルミ板で自作するメタルバイブレーションの作り方

In this video, I will show you how to make a blade bait lure using an aluminum plate. This blade bait is designed to be less prone to losing the sinker than most homemade blade bait.
*In this video, I use a “hand nibbler tool”, but if you don’t have a nibbler tool, use another tool such as nippers or pliers to cut the aluminum plate.

— Chapter of this video —
0:00 – Underwater lure action.
0:21 – Trace a template and cut out the aluminum plate.
1:53 – Drill a hole in the aluminum plate.
2:55 – Attach the split shot sinker and fishing hook.

– Lure Template —
*The template (drawing) is available on Google Drive: .

— Lure material —
*Aluminum plate.
*Split shot sinker.
*Lure snap.
*Fishing hooks.

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  1. Очень…Очень замечательно !
    Браво !
    Спасибо !

  2. The most impressive thing is how he manages to outline the bait without gluing the template to the plate.

  3. Meraviglioso progetto, lho realizzato ed è un ventilatore in acqua, vibra tantissimo. I love blade bait

  4. Awesome video ! Now add epoxy , hardener , & glow pigment powder and you got a glow in the dark spoon .

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