How to make a Colorado blade with Drink can./空き缶を使ったコロラドブレードの作り方。

I using the drink cans to make a Colorado blade for use in lure fishing. This lure blade has less vibration than the standard Colorado blades.

— Chapter of this video —
0:00 – The lure’s action in the underwater, and Bass fishing.
0:25 – Cut the empty soda cans.
0:57 – Polish the cans.
1:54 – Cleanly remove the dirt.
2:22 – Glue the two cans together.
3:24 – Trace the template.
4:32 – Drill a hole in the blade.
5:20 – Sand the sides of the blade (as optional).
6:10 – Attach the blade to the spinner bait.

— Blade material —
*Drink can (2 pcs).
*Epoxy adhesive.

— Notes —
*This blade must be attached to the fishing swivel. Unfortunately, it cannot be used on lure clevis.

— Blade Template —
*The template (drawing) is available on Google Drive: .

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  2. Haru," is Great ! Makes fully producing effective lures out of things We' d throw in the trash can, ! Thumbs Up Haru," I am a Fan Forever Brother !

  3. Excellent idea.
    I would not think of making out of the bottom of a can.👍😎👍

  4. Не понял к чему момент с укладыванием грузил в донышко от банки?

  5. У брата есть суперуловистая самодельная вертушка, у которой лепесток-это была какая-то маленькая советская колебалка, тепеь я знаю как его скопировать! Спасибо!

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