How to make a GOWN pattern (Michael Costello Inspired)

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Learn how to make your own gown pattern following these few easy steps.

1. Did Michael Costello show you how to make gowns?
— No. This is something I taught myself. Most of the time spent in Michael Costello showroom I would usually do everything in the styling room where all his gowns, accessories, and shoes were. Honestly, I was always scared to sew his gowns… afraid that I would possibly mess up his garments lol.

2. Is this the way Michael Costello make his gown patterns?
— I would usually be in the sewing room when Michael Costello was working… never saw his making any patterns. I usually always saw him draping… but there are several ways to make a gown pattern and this is just one of the many ways.

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16 Replies to “How to make a GOWN pattern (Michael Costello Inspired)”

  1. In your videos can you show all the work from front to end. I'm new to this and I love your work but hard to follow step by step

  2. I definitely appreciate your tutorials. they are brilliant and inspiring. Do you take requests on recreating patterns?

  3. if I do this on my paper that's already 30" at the bottom will that make the finished pattern piece to wide in the end? is that why you start with 17" ?

  4. would you consider making a similar tutorial except showing how to incorporate panels in the front and back? for princess seams ..

  5. I like the way you demonstrate
    You are so good am learning a lot from you
    God bless

  6. I'm glad I found these videos my daughter in high school her major is fashion and will be doing fashion in college u are awesome…!

  7. ok so my fourth piece on the skirt bottom is a bit large does that matter at all or…should i just remake it over

  8. I paid. I am willing to support another fashionista/seamstress for their willingness to teach. $3.99 is VERY reasonable! You have to invest in order to get the most out of your craft. You cannot expect everything to be free. Thank you for this tutorial. It made things much more simple!😃😘

  9. hi I wanted to purchase the add a train to a gown but I don't see it I really need that video is it available for me to purchase???

  10. wait…why are you charging for your tutorials all of a sudden? is i because its associated with Michael Costello?

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